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Equity rally should last through the end of the quarter, says Jeff deGraaf
Fed no longer believes recession is needed to quell inflatio says Neil Dutta
How Neil Dutta Predicted “No Landing”
The economy is fine…I think the die is cast for the Fed to be cutting relatively soon. We are on a glide path to 2% inflation.
Why Jeff deGraaf is seeing buyable weakness in small caps right now:
Here’s why Jeff deGraaf is bullish as we kick of the new year
The market rally has more room to go, says Renaissance Macro’s Jeff deGraaf
Inflation is likely to continue to slow between now and March: Neil Dutta
Neil Dutta says the Fed is following a “rules-based framework” around inflation and expects the economy to continue top grow
Bloomberg’s Tom Keene calls Neil Dutta, his “Economist of The Year”
“We are on a glide path now to a rate cut probably by March,” says Neil Dutta
Jeff deGraaf: 4800 doable but very yield dependent.
I won’t rule out a March rate cut, says Renaissance’s Neil Dutta
Focus on the trend of price not of breadth, says Renaissance’s Jeff DeGraaf
Door Cracked Open for Fed Rate Cut: Renaissance’s Dutta
Jeff deGraaf: Real yields making bonds a legitimate alternative to stocks
Neil Dutta is Optimistic on the Resiliency of the American Economy
Jeff deGraaf explains why he’s bullish on the market
RenMac Policy Call w-David Malpass- September 18th, 2023
Neil Dutta sees nominal GDP growth of at least 6%
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