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Jeff DeGraaf on Bloomberg TV: “Momentum has peaked.”
Jeff talks about elevated sentiment in NVDA
Neil Dutta on the nuances of inflation and the labor market
I am not bearish on Nvidia, says Jeff deGraaf
Neil Dutta explains how the US labor market has achieved rebalancing and makes the case for weaker inflation going forward.
“I put more weight on actual data–not what 300 people think about the world.” says Neil Dutta
Here’s why Renaissance’s Jeff deGraaf is bullish on China.
Neil Dutta on March PCE – April 26, 2024
“I still think the Fed’s cutting rates this year, I think they will probably start in July instead of June.” RenMac Head of Economics Neil Dutta – April 10, 2024
Gold still has more upside duration ahead, says Jeff deGraaf on CNBC – April 1, 2024
Here’s why Jeff deGraaf sees some cracks forming under the surface in this momentum-led rally
Room for Nvidia’s stock to consolidate and absorb momentum, says Jeff deGraaf
Here’s why Jeff deGraaf says this high momentum market hasn’t become dangerous…yet
The core personal consumption expenditures price index for January, which strips out the volatile food and energy components, increased 0.4% from December. It’s up 2.8% from a year ago.
Equity rally should last through the end of the quarter, says Jeff deGraaf
Fed no longer believes recession is needed to quell inflatio says Neil Dutta
How Neil Dutta Predicted “No Landing”
The economy is fine…I think the die is cast for the Fed to be cutting relatively soon. We are on a glide path to 2% inflation.
Why Jeff deGraaf is seeing buyable weakness in small caps right now:
Here’s why Jeff deGraaf is bullish as we kick of the new year
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